Rural Maryland suffers from the highest unemployment in the state as well as high poverty rates. Citizens

lack access to transportation and health care providers. Help us change that.

We have a simple mission: to support the efforts of citizens and government to meet the economic and social needs of rural Maryland; to serve as the Maryland Rural Development Council if the Rural Maryland Council ceases to function in that role and to support the efforts of the Rural Maryland Council.​​

Rural Maryland Foundation Annual Reports 

 Fiscal Year 2021 Annual Report 

 Fiscal Year 2020 Annual Report 

The Foundation has been instrumental in supporting RMC goals and projects. For example, when the RMC identified a lack of credit for young and beginner farmers, the RMC, with Foundation support, helped create the Maryland Agricultural Resource Based Development Corporations (MARBIDCO). 

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Rural Maryland Foundation


Founded: 2001

Areas of expertise: 
Agriculture, economic and community development, health care

Board of Trustees                                                
Dan Rider, President                                            

Kurt Fuchs, Vice President                                                   Charlotte Davis, Secretary                                            Andrew Cassilly
Steve McHenry 
​Rick Pollitt                                                                 

Scott Warner

​Roseanna Vogt

Jennifer Walsh 

​Mel Litter 

​Susan O'Neill